What is your cost of doing business?

What is your cost of doing business?

What is your cost of doing business?.... do you know? .......Only a few companies I work with really know...... ....the actual costs of bid and proposal preparation. And most of them underestimate them. They just see the staff time, they don't see the cost of coordination, they don't see the administrative costs, they don't see all the missing pieces, throughout the process which sometimes is a week, sometimes three weeks etc There's a big opportunity here in optimizing this process! This is what we do at WiiA ! All this time not spent on proposal preparation can be spent on technical expertise somewhere else, can be spent on delivery, can be spent on research and development, can be spent somewhere else that is more effective! #tender #business #proposal #futureofwork #opportunity #management #data #data #leadership #supplychains #innovation #businessdevelopment #digitaltransformation #engineering #interfaces #projectmanagement #intelligence

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