Road projects in Montenegro - lots!

Road projects in Montenegro - lots!

What will it take to bring roads in Montenegro to higher standards? There is long term and chronic underinvestment in laser-focused and priority infrastructure detrimental to the hopes of the country and region with respect to greater trade and competitiveness. After years of investments in major highways with no clear revenue generation mechanism or model for financing, there is hope for Montenegro and its local roads. International Financing Institutions are looking at the impact of upgrading local roads, and how it can affect positively tourism, agro-industry, and local employment. EBRD, for instance, is pursuing efforts along the segments between Lubnice to Jelovica, and Jezerine - this includes road rehabilitation and better road asset management. These are great efforts that need to be sustained with adapted maintenance resources so that it can be sustainable! #infrastructure #sustainability #internationaldevelopment #ebrd #contracting #sustainabledevelopment #tenders #environmentalsustainability #contracts #environmentalimpact #ifi #climatechange #internationalprojects #road #localroads #assetmanagement #montenegro

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