When development banks become green banks

When development banks become green banks

Is this realistic for development banks to claim to be able to become green banks? The EBRD has just revealed that its low carbon goal is to lend 50% towards green investments. Ambitious? Yes Zero Net Carbon oriented? Yes Realistic? Not sure… Scaling up a green portfolio comes at a cost. Focusing on climate and environmental finance means that de facto, you would, for instance, have to cut investment in the road sector - which remains the key sector of investment for most of the IFIs, such as EBRD, or the World Bank Group. There are two trends that are undermining these plans: (1) Clients’ needs remain heavily oriented towards road and infra sectors. When the Banks promote e-mobility and charging stations, clients answer that they need highways. (2) when disbursements are underperforming, there seems to be nothing better than spending EUR 100 million quickly through an infrastructure project. Is a scaling up towards more share of green projects enough to influence the demand from clients? Are both the Banks and clients ready to fully leverage benefits from #green and #digital solutions? Or will clients orient their request for financing to other investors and partners that are “less green”?

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