Better Data,
Greater Bids,
More Wins

Online Bid & Proposal platform that increases win rate. WiiA Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you analyse tenders faster and prepare best-in-class bids-proposals.

Analyse tenders faster

Use a holistic and quantified analysis
to prioritize your tenders and
inform your go/no go decision

Identify better matching data

Access to X50 more relevant CVs,
key references and credentials matching
your tender under a single platform

Prepare greater bids

Pre-populate your template
with your selected relevant data
matching your tender requirements

Say hello to
your new superpowers

Revolutionise the way you work
in 3 steps

Analyse & qualify tenders in minutes

Automatically analyse tenders and terms of reference. Extract key criteria, requirements, and figures.

Generate executive one-page summaries in minutes, not hours or days, to rank tenders by relevance for your business and speed up the go/no-go decision process.

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Match relevant data & people

Search in all the past bids, proposals, and contracts the bits of data that really matter to prepare your tender response. Sort your staff profiles by relevance to the job requirement.

Multiply by 10 the speed to collect and score information and CVs matching best the tender requirements.

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Prepare winning bids & proposals

Pre-populate your bid template with selected data, generate new content and increase your bid quality.

Save hundreds of hours, thousands of euros for each tender and win more bids & proposals.

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Your data is safe, powerful, and collaborative

Secure and fast application
on Cloud or On-Premises

Strict data privacy
ISO & GDPR-compliant

Single Sign-On employee
authentication across apps

Per-User permissions

Optimised internal work flows
with 3rd party integration

Data security with
robust encryption

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