Preparing bids is expensive, laborious, and vain. 

WiiA helps you automate your process,
elevate your bids and win more projects.

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WiiA is a cutting edge company that develops solutions to boost your win rates on tender markets. 

We use artificial intelligence to offer you an automated bid and proposal solution for your consultancy firm.

WiiA has 15 people working together on Artificial Intelligence solutions for your tenders and proposals - so that you find the right data faster, you analyse the tender automatically, and you prepare your bids in minutes instead of weeks. 

We know your tendered markets. WiiA combines expertise and past work experience at the World Bank, Infrastructure and Transport Ministries, several international engineering firms, Big-Four Consultancies, and lead Universities.



Automate. Elevate. Win

We cut down the costs of your entire end-to-end proposal preparation process, from the search, analysis of tenders, and cut down time for proposal and bid creation by 50%, allowing you to increase your addressable market. 

We help consultancy firms like yours save millions of hours in proposal preparation through artificial intelligence without any IT change. 

We improve the quality and relevance of data, content and design for your proposals, allowing you to bid more and more competitively. 



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